How do I create an account?

To create a Saturday.com account, click the Join Saturday.com link on our homepage. You will have the option to create an account using your email address or your Facebook, Twitter, or Gmail account. (Note: You may only associate one social network with your Saturday.com account.)

How do I keep track of my points?

Your account will automatically track the points you earn. To see your current point total, visit the My Points section of your account page.

Will I get points if a friend I invited signs up with a different email address? Will I be notified when they sign up?

You will receive points only if you friend registers for a Saturday.com account using the same email address you sent the invitation to. You can see if your friend has signed up in the My Points section of your account page.

When I make a purchase, do I need to be signed in to my account to receive points?

Yes, you must be signed in to your Saturday.com account to earn points for your purchase. To see your current point total, go to the My Points section of your account page.

Can I buy additional points?

Points are not available for purchase.

Can I share my points with a friend or transfer them to another account?

Points cannot be shared or transferred to other accounts. Points are only redeemable using the account they are credited to.

Is there only one specific prize for each point bracket? Can I choose the color and size of the prize I redeem?

Yes, there is only one specific prize for each point bracket. You may only redeem points for the item pictured. For applicable items, you will be able to choose your preferred color and size.

When redeeming my prize, can I still add other Saturday.com items to my shopping bag?

Yes! You are not required to make a purchase, however, to claim a prize.

When I share a Saturday.com item with a friend, how will I know that I've earned a point for it?

All points are awarded in real time. To see your current point total, visit the My Points section of your account page.

Do points expire?

Points do not expire.

Can I use my points for kate spade new york items?

Points can only be redeemed for the Kate Spade Saturday items pictured.

Can I exchange points for cash?

Points are not redeemable for cash.

What if the size/color that I want is not available when I redeem my prize?

Prizes are subject to availability at the time they are redeemed.

Can I exchange my prize?

Prizes cannot be returned or exchanged.

Can I return my prize and get my points back?

Prizes are non-refundable and cannot be returned or exchanged.

When will my prize arrive?

Prizes will arrive based on the shipping method you select at the time of redemption. Please see our shipping guide for more details.

Are gifting options available for prizes?

Yes, you have the ability to select gifting options during the checkout process when you redeem your prize.

Will my points reset to zero after I redeem a prize?

No, your point total will never decrease, even after you redeem a prize.

Are prize items available for purchase?

Most items are available for regular purchase, while certain others may only be available as prizes.

Can I track the order containing my prize?

Yes, you can track your order in the Order History tab on your account page.

If I order additional items when I claim a prize, can they be shipped to multiple addresses?

Yes, all orders placed on Saturday.com can be shipped to multiple addresses. Just follow the instructions during checkout to let us know where you'd like your items to be shipped.

If I order additional items when I claim a prize, will they arrive in separate shipments?

Unless otherwise indicated, they will arrive together.

Can I claim a gift card in place of a prize?

No, points are not redeemable for cash or gift cards.